van Aaken Releases vA Commander

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van Aaken Releases New vA Commander

Chubbuck, ID (July 19, 2006)…The makers of the SmartBox™ are bringing you to the brink of technology once again with the new vA Commander from van Aaken Developments USA, LLC, manufacturer of performance upgrades, fuel cost-saving devices, and emissions reduction systems for gas and turbo diesel engines worldwide. The new vA Commander is the perfect way to have protection and control of all the important components of your engine at your fingertips.

This stand-alone digital gauge equips your vehicle with a monitoring system of up to 7 parameters simultaneously, giving you the information you need for complete power train management. With the largest LCD screen of any stand-alone type gauge and an adjustable white LED backlight, the vA Commander is easy to read, day or night. The vA Commander comes equipped with a built-in mini USB port as well as a USB cord, making upgrades simple. The monitor is compatible with and will control any vA SmartBox™, including the Agricultural, Industrial, and Import modules, as well as modules from many other manufacturers. In fact, it’s the only gauge on the market that offers safety monitoring and control for Agricultural and Import units. Also, with its adjustable universal mount, you can put your vA Commander almost anywhere.

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