Chris Duke of Motorz TV Selected as Host of New eHow Auto Center!

[ 0 ] September 18, 2012 |

Our good friends over at Motorz TV sent us a press release this morning with a fantastic announcement. Chris Duke, the host of Motorz TV, has been selected as the host of the new eHow Auto Center series!

The eHow Auto Center will be a show that provides tips, information and viewer Q&A regarding information related to every day automotive needs. William Deloney, the producer and director of eHow Auto Center said: “Chris was a natural pick for the eHow Auto Center series because he has a great presentation style and he shares our passion for do-it-yourself automotive care using common tools and proven techniques. He has a great way of explaining how to complete each project with confidence covering the tools and safety rules, while also making sure he identifies the projects that are better left to the professionals.”

In the press release Chris Duke said:”Being selected as the host for the eHow Auto Center has been very exciting. I have a passion for helping folks learn how to handle maintenance and improvement projects themselves, and the eHow Auto Center is another great way for me to do that. We’ve already completed several of the 25 episodes we have on the schedule, including topics like tire and wheel upgrades, proper tire care, how and when to change vehicle spark plugs, and a special episode on do-it-yourself headlight restoration. Its been a wonderful experience working with the eHow team, and I know this is going to be a great series!”

The series will debut on October 1, 2012

[Full Press Release]

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