Ford beats EcoBoost sales forcast big time!

[ 0 ] July 6, 2012 |

Ford’s EcoBoost line of engines has been a hit since they began rolling off the assembly line and started hitting the street. While the small car segment has enjoyed a boost (sorry!) in sales from the little engine that could, some of the biggest gains have come from the F-150 truck sales equipped with the new EcoBoost bad boy.

Ford has reported that with all EcoBoost models being counted together, that they have exceeded sales expectations by over 100,000 units! That is a giant number, especially considering that by engine model standards, the EcoBoost line is still in it’s infancy. With Ford shifting more and more to the EcoBoost build model it will be interesting to see how they evolve from here on out. Considering how well the F-150 with this new engine sold, I would expect to see big things coming down the road for the truck line.

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