Lamborghini is making an SUV… yes, those words just went together.

[ 0 ] April 20, 2012 |

There is a long list of oxymorons in this world… jumbo shrimp, deafening silence, sober Lohan, etc. Well, apparently we can now add Lamborghini SUV to the list. That’s right, there is a Lambo SUV on the way.

The crew over at EVO Magazine have apparently leaked the first pictures of the said automotive unicorn. The name being kicked around at the moment for the SUV is the Urus. According to rumors the Urus will be based on the same platform as the Bentley SUV, the Cayenne, and the Q7. It will supposedly be powered by the 600 plus horse power Bentley V8 (what did you expect a hybrid or something?) Lamborghini plans on moving 3,500 of these a year. Now that the bull is out of the barn we will have to keep an eye out to see what facts and further information drops in the coming weeks. This is definitely going to be an interesting story to follow.

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