2013 Ford Explorer Sport can haul groceries… very very quickly

[ 5 ] April 6, 2012 |

A little over a week ago Ford released a very suggestive cloak and dagger video showing a new Explorer growling around some asphalt with only extreme close ups and throaty exhaust notes to leave us speculating. Was Ford going to release a SVT branded Explorer?

Well, the answer is no, but it is definitely not a bad no. Instead they have branded the now revealed SUV as simply the new Explorer Sport. However, this is NOT your old style Explorer Sport 2 door model from back in the day. Instead they have decided to cram the 350 horse power Eco-Boost under the hood, black out the grille and other body markings, offer some different wheel packages and throw it out on the road. Yes, you read that correctly… a 350 horse power Ford Explorer. With this move Ford has once again proven that the Eco-Boost is here to stay and may just blow by you on the road in the process. I cannot wait to see some hands on road test information on this thing.

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