Jeep releases Altitude edition Patriot, Grand Cherokee and Compass

[ 0 ] March 31, 2012 |

A while back Jeep held a “Name my Ride” contest after running the car show circuit showing off their Vader like Grand Cherokee which managed to turn a few heads with its looks. From Houston to Geneva the blacked out Jeeps seemed to grab attention wherever they appeared.

Well now they are official and part of the Jeep lineup. All models come with special blacked out rims, trim, interior and other accessories to assure you turn heads wherever you roll. If all black isn’t your style but you like the trim set, well Jeep still has you covered. They are planning on offering the Altitude series with different body colors while keeping the all black trim and interior options available to those interested. It is nice to see continued style expansion by all the automakers and less cookie cutter vehicles rolling around.

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