Ram aiming high with their $50,000.00 Laramie Limited, chauffeur not included.

[ 0 ] March 29, 2012 |

Remember when a truck was just a truck? It got dirty, it got dinged, and customizing it to luxury levels was done by the owners in their spare time, not by the manufacturer. Well those times have definitely changed.

The new Ram Laramie Limited 1500 4×2 has a starting price of almost $46,000.00. By the time you add everything else you need/want because you’re getting a Laramie Limited you will be in $50-60k territory. That’s more than twice the $22,000.00 for a base 1500 model. Yes the Laramie does come decked out to luxury car standards. There is enough chrome to blind those around you on a sunny day. You will feel the need to don a smoking jacket and reach for a pipe every time you tell someone it has black burled walnut interior, and you will be surrounded by more leather than a tattoo artist at Sturgis. But underneath it all it is still a truck. I know the market for luxury trucks has been growing over the years but have we started to reach for the absurd? I don’t know… but I bet it’s damn comfortable to drive while you ponder it.

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