Here’s the 2013 Chevy Trailblazer… Too bad you can’t have it.

[ 1 ] March 26, 2012 |

There it sits, in all its glory. The final production model for the 2013 Chevy TrailBlazer. It has more aggressive lines, sits a little higher, proper body on frame design and all the latest interior gadgets from GM. The thing is though, you can’t buy the new TrailBlazer in the U.S. Nope, not for you.

This new TrailBlazer is slated for over seas production only. The first models are scheduled to be sold in Thailand this June, and then roll out to the rest of the world minus us folks here in the U.S. When asked if the new TrailBlazer would see U.S roads in the future, Chevrolet spokesman Tom Wilkinson was quoted as saying “There are currently no plans to bring that vehicle to the U.S.”

So there you have it. A totally new design including diesel engine options, and we will not see a single one rolling down the highways in the states. I’m not really sure I know how I feel about this? How about you?

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