Land Rover Evoque selling so well that 1,000 new workers are being added to keep up with the demand

[ 1 ] March 20, 2012 |

When a car company releases a new model several things could happen. It could sell poorly and become the laughing stock of the industry as marketing folks flail around trying to save it… (I’m looking at you Aztec). Or it could be a hit from day one, creating an industry buzz and allowing marketing folks to strut around with their chests puffed out. And sometimes, you can have such strong out of the gate sales that you need to immediately add more workers to keep up with demand, in which case the marketing folks are usually running around throwing confetti at each other while screaming “I told you so!”

It would appear that Land Rover has a bit of confetti mess to clean up at the moment. They have just announced that the sales of the new Land Rover Evoque are so good that they are hiring an additional 1,000 workers to keep up with the demand. The Halewood plant is adding the new workers and moving to three, eight hour shifts in order to keep sales orders on schedule. Enjoy your confetti party Land Rover… you’ve earned it.

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