Sync now a standard item on all Ford Flex models

[ 0 ] February 21, 2012 |

Ford has announced that all new Ford Flex models will come standard with their Sync system. The exact feature level of the Sync system however, is not known yet. I would imagine though, that the standard offering will be the bottom rung version.

Regardless, this is an interesting move by Ford. According to sources at Ford, the reason for the decision was based on sales data showing almost all Flex models sold included some version of the Sync system as an upgrade. With the crossover/utility market as cut throat as it is already, this could be a very smart move by Ford. Combine that with the massive upgrades to the Sync and MyFordTouch systems, and you are providing a very tempting carrot to potential buyers. It will be interesting to see if this Sync decision becomes standard on other Ford vehicles, especially their full size truck lines. It seems that in dash tech is becoming a huge selling point with buyers now.

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