Is the Dakota coming back as a world truck?

[ 0 ] December 2, 2011 |

Now that Chrysler is run by Fiat there are some rumblings and rumors that the next Dakota may be a world truck. There is also discussion hinting at re-branding the Dakota as part of the Ram truck line. However, no real official statement or stance has been released at this time.

When asked about the Ram branding, Ram CEO Fred Diaz stated “It is something we are evaluating,”. He also went on to state that “As a global organization, we are now starting to look at what we can bring to the market that would work in Europe, in Asia, in the U.S., and so forth, and get the platform right so that we can enjoy the economies of scale that come with that.” I guess we will have to wait and see what fate decides for the long standing mid-size pickup. Stay tuned.

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